LED High Bay lights ,A Factory Warehouse ,Houston,USA


This project is about lighting replacements in factory ,Houston ,USA.It used to adopt metal halid bay lights for its warehouse lighting,and the annualenergy bills for lighting is extremely high.They wanted to change the energy saving lighting fixtures. ECOSUNSHINE was hornored to have chance to provide service to them, they finally decided to use our Led high bay lights as replacements. These LED high bay lights are much more energy efficient than old light fixture and can save 70% energy bills and greatly reduces the electricity comsuption. Further more , LED high bay lights are durable and last 50000hours at least, which also reduce the miantenance costs and bulb replacemnts costs.


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Location:Floor3,Building 12,1st Industrial Park ,LiaoKeng,Shiyan Town,Baoan District ,518103,Shenzhen,China




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