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     SHENZHEN ECOSUNSHINE Lighting Limited,established in 2008,  developed partnerships with many companies throughout the world. We are dedicated in supplying high quality ,high efficient LED lighting solutions for  a variety of traditional lighting kits  such as Fluorescent, Halogen,Metal Halide,CFL, HID, HPS etc. We are constantly developing solutions to make your life easier and safer on the job.

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             Contact :Albert
             Mobile phone: 008618682373984(English service)
             Tel: 0755-33270174

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  • Floor 3th,  Building 12 , LiaoKeng, ShiYan Town, Baoan District ,shenzhen,CHina




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Location:Floor3,Building 12,1st Industrial Park ,LiaoKeng,Shiyan Town,Baoan District ,518103,Shenzhen,China



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