Frequently asked questions

  • Do your led drivers have good qualities?

    Sure , all our drivers ,which are used to manufacture lamps , are purchased from a qualitied driver company. All the drivers would be supplied 3 years warranty, SAA Ce RohS approved. In addition, we also could use MeanWell driver to make lamps , or any suggestions from customers

  • What leds do you use to manufacture led lights?

    We commonly use originally Epistar 3528 leds ,2835 leds ,3014 leds,5050 leds ; SAMSUNG 5630 leds for low Watts lights; For high watts lamps such as high bay lights/flood lights, we would use high quality Bridgelux 45Mil COB led source . Of course, We could choose to use any type leds clients like

  • How many years' warranty do your led lights products have?

    ECOSUNSHINE are always providing high quality led lights , 3 years warranty . Partly products ,we would give 5 years warranty

  • What is the pure white ?

    Warm White:2700-3200K ,Pure white:4500-5300L, Cool White:5500-6700K

  • Can I use led downlights in areas such as bathroom,soffits or other damp areas

    Yes, We have IP44 or IP65 led lightings for your options.

  • What is the lifespan of the LED modules you use in LED products?

    Expectations are that our LED units will last in excess of 97,000 hours of use. As we use generation 2 LED modules, they dissipate less heat than traditional style modules and therefore suffer less long term degradation. UPDATE: LM80 laboratory tests have confirmed a life expectancy exceeding 97,300 hours of diode use.

  • How many lights do I need?

    If you have surface mounted 100 Watt fixtures we recommend the same number of LED lights. If you have 50 W halogens, less LED fittings will be needed. Please contact us for free help and advise. We will give you reasonable advice

  • Can I, as a home owner install these lights?

    Legally speaking, if you are replacing current light fittings then you are allowed. If they are for a new house or business installation they must be installed by registered electrician.

  • Can i do activies like reading under these lights

    Yes, quality LED lighting are ideal for reading and writing as they provide a clear, bright light

  • What colour is Pure White?

    Pure white, otherwise known as natural white has a very deep white saturation. Pure white is between 4500-5300K. It is nor blue or yellow.

  • Do your lights have autherized certification?​

    Yes, all our products have CE, ROHS, and partly led lights own SAA, TUV, ETL,UL, PSE etc approvals

  • Will i have to maintain LED downlights?​

    No. The brilliant characteristic of quality LED lights is what they work for you. Traditional halogen and incandescent systems require bulb replacements and light changes over time, made redundant with LED technology.

  • Do your LED products get so hot?

    No. it woul.d in normal range You could run our lamps 8-12 houra per day, quite Okay. If you use them normally, they can always last over 30000hours , Partly of our featured products could have 50000hours lifespan

  • If one of my LED lights was to fail, would the others fail too?

    Not typically. Our led lighting own high quality assurance ,from materials to processing , aging,repeatedly test, additionaly high quality led driver and leds . Before shippings ,we ensure each lights will be 100% good working ,3-5years warranty provided .

  • What's the operation Voltage of your lights?​

    Typical operational voltages for our lighting systems are between 100 and 240v AC. Our Non-dimmable lights usually support 85-265VAC, Dimmable lighting 110V/220V/230V/240VAC are all Okay.


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