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        A growing awareness of energy conservation and resource management, efforts to abate greenhouse emissions, and a government-mandated phase out of incandescent bulbs are leading factors spurring the demand for LED lighting products in homes, offices, and outdoors. This type of energy conservation and savings is driving widespread adoption of LED lighting and control throughout the world. With a portfolio of LED solutions feature innovative lighting architecture and networking technology, Marvell enables superior, green LED lighting applications. These complete solutions are designed to provide fully-integrated, end-to-end silicon and software solutions that enable original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and original design manufacturers (ODMs) to develop best-in-class LED lighting and lighting control solutions.


LED Lighting in homes and offices promises a significant positive environmental impact. Consider this:
■ LED lights consume 80% less energy than traditional lighting
■ An LED light can have a life span of up to 25,000 to 50,000 hours , a 25 times improvement over incandescent lights
■ Adding lighting control like occupancy sensors and daylighting controls, can achieve a further 40% energy savings


 LED Driver Electronics

 Marvell's innovative mixed-signal LED driver architecture delivers high efficiency, high power factor, and low harmonics to LED lighting applications while its advanced dimming technology ensures deep dimming and compatibility with existing lighting infrastructures.

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 Smart Lighting Controls

 The lighting industry is starting to deploy standards for delivering new ease of-control capabilities for commercial lighting including two-way communication and the ability to regulate lighting remotely through cloud–based applications and mobile devices. Marvell is working in partnership with application software and system providers to enable turn-key wireless lighting control systems.
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 Reference Design and Evaluation Kits

 To help customers rapidly introduce products into the marketplace, Marvell supplies turn-key manufacturing ready reference designs for OEMs/ODMs looking to develop residential and commercial lighting solutions.

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The Marvell 88EM8187 is the second generation, phase-cut, deep-dimming, single-stage AC/DC constant controller for dimmable LED lighting applications. It provides incandescent-like performance with the highest level of compatibility and shimmerless dimming down to 1 percent, building on the industry-leading 88EM8183 with the use of mixed-signal architecture with on-chip advanced algorithms. Bill of material costs are also significantly reduced because fewer and smaller components are required in EMI, damping and dimming level control circuits.
The 88EM8187 system achieves highest reliability with advanced thermal dissipation optimization in dimmer damping and bleeding management and thermal foldback capability due to unique intellectual property (IP) implementations in the chip.
The 88EM8187 offers two different package options: SOIC-8 with Epad and SOIC-14. 88EM8187 SOIC-8 with Epad is pin-to-pin compatible with 88EM8183 supplying the smallest form factor of phase cut LED driver. The 88EM8187 SOIC-14 supports single layer PCB designs enabling low manufacturing costs.
Marvell currently is sampling 88EM8187 to major LED lighting OEMs and ODMs around the world. Customers are expected to ship products based on the 88EM8187 this year.
 ■ A phase-cut, deep-dimming, single-stage AC/DC constant current controller designed for offline dimmable LED lighting applications.
■ Provides premium dimming performance with the highest level of compatibility and shimmerless dimming down to 1%.
■ Advanced dimming control to support all types of dimmers including leading-edge (TRIAC), trailing-edge and special (smart) dimmers.
■ Accurate primary side current regulation.
■ Programmable dimming curve with on-chip OTP memory
■ Integrated thermal foldback feature for improved system reliability
Target Applications
 The Marvell 88EM8187 is ideally suited for the following LED lighting applications:
 ■ Retrofit A19, GU-10, Candle, PAR, and BR lamps
■ Downlight recess, troffer, and panel lighting
■ LED Driver modules


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